Action Research Learning Teams

Shirley Clarke began formative assessment action research learning teams in 2001. These consist of groups of about 30 teachers, drawn together by a LA or a network of schools, who meet 3/4 times during a year to have an update and discussion with Shirley about the various elements of formative assessment and to share their findings. On the afternoon of the last day, each team holds a showcase event for local schools to share their research findings.

A new section for teachers is case studies written by the Doncaster Learning Team.

What the Learning Teams did next are accounts written by Learning Team coordinators about how they took things forward after the initial year.

Learning Teams 2015 Go To 2015 Findings

Area Name Contact
Cambridge Nicola Parker
East Sussex Fiona Large

Learning Teams 2014 Go To 2014 Findings

Area Name Contact
Sheffield Peter Hardwick

Learning Teams 2013 Go To 2013 Findings

Area Name Contact
Kettle Moraine School District, Wisconsin, USA Patricia Deklotz
Kentucky, USA Kim Zeidler
Kentucky, USA (mathematics) Kim Zeidler
Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK Mel Shackleton

Learning Teams 2012 Go To 2012 Findings

Area Name Contact
Hertfordshire Claire Hodgson
Tower Hamlets, London Stella Smith
Warwick Sheila Dentith
Reading Pauline Hill

Learning Teams 2011 Go To 2011 Findings

Area Name Contact
Brighton & Hove Suzanne Morgan
Ellesmere Port, Cheshire Anne Vickers
Hertfordshire Paul Wilson
Rotherham Amy Parry

Learning Teams 2010 Go To 2010 Findings

Area Name Contact
Essex Sarah Conrad
Hampshire Carol Walters
Sheffield Peter Hardwick
Hertfordshire Ben Fuller
Claire Hodgson
Paul Wilson

Learning Teams 2009 Go To 2009 Findings

Learning Teams 2008 Go To 2008 Findings