I have never been a confident person but after listening to what you had to say about mindsets, I’ve tried to stop my fixed mindset holding me back. I have started an MA – something I would never have felt confident enough to think that I could do before taking part in your course. Thank you for inspiring me not only to be a better teacher but also to be a more confident person.

This is my third time attending a Shirley Clarke course. They have always inspired and helped me to help others to develop personalised learning through assessment. I look forward to the next.

Fantastic, stimulating day. I’m going away buzzing. This doesn’t normally happen after a course. A huge thank you!

I am so pleased that I came. I feel renewed enthusiasm for going in to school next week. I realise I have become a very ‘fixed mindset’ person and want to reverse this both at work and in my home life.

Absolutely brilliant – another few years worth of ideas and development. How many children have you affected?

Very informative and engaging. I can’t remember the last time I was focussed for such a sustained period on a course!

Thank you so much. I have never been on a course before where I have been fully engaged throughout and bubbling with ideas and strategies to try out.

Thank you! I have been teaching over 20 years and have never stopped learning. Today is no exception.