• London special event - 27th November 2023

Formative Assessment 2023

  • Update new staff
  • See new examples
  • Explore links with reducing anxiety

Target audience all primary educators

£205+VAT per delegate; £195+VAT per delegate for 3+ delegates

Presented by

Shirley Clarke

Shirley Clarke

M.Ed, Hon.DEd. (world expert in formative assessment theory and practice)
Dr. Angela Evans

Dr. Angela Evans

(Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist; 20 years in CAMHS; previously teacher, SENDCO and residential care home worker)

Studies continue to show that formative assessment is still the most significant thing we can do to raise achievement, is still identified by OFSTED and is fundamental in reducing anxiety both for students and teachers. Its foundation is having high self-efficacy, and the structures and strategies evolved by Shirley via her 22 years of learning teams continue to show reduced anxiety.

What you’ll get

Formative Assessment

  • Raising pupil self-efficacy
  • Easing the cognitive load
  • Whole school curriculum planning and assessment
  • Students activated as learning resources for each other
  • Co-constructing success criteria
  • Strategies for improving the quality of student writing
  • Feedback in-class and post lesson

Reducing anxiety

  • Analysis of an exemplary headteacher’s strategies for developing a containing school via a video montage
  • Guest speaker Dr.Evans outlines the emotions post pandemic, projection and containment, with practical strategies


  • Curriculum links for opportunities to discuss subjects such as anger and loss
  • Explicit use of texts
  • Reflection grids for class
  • School audit