NEW one-day course on Feedback!

‘Visible Learning: Feedback’ is Shirley’s new book co-written with John Hattie. In 2019, Shirley will present her new one-day course based on this book incorporating the latest in Formative Assessment.

Dates, venues and online course applications will be available here later this year.

Exceeding expectations with formative assessment – the key to pupil progress

This highly acclaimed course reveals eye-opening findings about learning, memory, praise and more. It also urges teachers and senior managers, through research and practical strategies, to focus on powerful in-the-moment feedback and to greatly reduce written marking, so that work/life balance is restored and feedback with impact is developed.

Shirley Clarke is available to present this one-day course to Local Authorities and school clusters. For details and availability, please e-mail:

What delegates are saying:

A really inspirational day – raised my awareness of a whole range of issues from mixed attainments grouping to feedback policies. I really appreciated the practical examples and the excellent video clips of teachers in classrooms. Lots to reflect on in terms of pedagogy within a practical, realistic context with outcomes for children at the centre. Thank you for a brilliant day.

A tour de force of what outstanding teaching looks like, A wealth of practical strategies underpinned by clear research. A real inspiration! What a legend!

The Feedback section was fantastic and it was refreshing to hear ‘stop the unnecessary marking’. It was lovely to hear Shirley and remind us that it’s all about the children!

I loved that the information was based on evidence and actual trials. I loved the linking of practical with theory. I loved that Shirley gave loads of practical demonstrations and suggestions. It all made complete sense and put the children’s involvement, interest, excitement and desire to improve and do well at the centre of everything. Inspiring!

This was a very informative and well-structured day and the key principles which Shirley champions made relevant through clear examples of classroom practice. Shirley communicated very clearly and is a true expert in her field, drawing upon much research by other experts. Lots to mull over and to convey to colleagues back at school – just what I was looking for!

Very informative and eye opening! Key research was used wonderfully to support your formative assessment videos showing strong examples and highlighting excellent teacher practice. The examples of planning for implementation of a whole school approach were very useful.

The impact of this course is huge, well above 0.4 ! I will continue to engage fully with all of your work and your colleagues. I can’t wait for your new book. The impact of your work is enormous across the whole of the UK.

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