Teachers and other end users

If you’re a teacher or other “end user” and you’ve been set up to use the system by someone else (this person is referred to as your account Administrator), you’ll need the following to log in:

  1. Username – this will be the email address used by the Administrator to set up the account in the first place – all the teachers on your account will use this email address to log in
  2. Password – this will be the password chosen by the Administrator when the account was set up – all the teachers on your account will use this password
  3. DFE No. – when the Administrator set you up on the account, they’ll have used your unique DFE number as an identifier so the system knows when you’re logged in. If you don’t have a DFE number, the Administrator might have chosen to use a substitute DFE number generated by the system. You’re the only person who will use this number when logging in

What to do if you’ve forgotten (or don’t know) your username, password or DFE number

Because everyone on your account uses the Administrators email address to log in, the system can only send a Password Reset email to that address – which won’t be much use to you. The best thing to do is to contact your Administrator and ask them to provide you with the Username (i.e. the email address) and Password they used to set up the account, and your unique DFE number.


If you were the person who set up the account in the first place, you’re the “Administrator” and you can manage other users on the account. You’ll need the following each time you want to log in:

What to do if you’ve forgotten your own password

If you’re an administrator and you’ve forgotten your password, click this Forgotten your password? link and we’ll send you an email to reset your password.

What to do if one of your users has forgotten their password

The users you set up on the account all use the account username/email and password you used when you set the account up, plus their unique DFE number that you entered when you added them to the account.

So if one of your users gets in touch because they’ve forgotten their password, all you need to do is provide them with the following information: