2023 Age 4-6: Rec/Y1 Feedback from Day 3 (2023)


All teachers had introduced visual timetables so that children know what is coming next. This has eased anxiety.

Working walls had prompts for learning such as numbers, sounds of the week and photos of learning from school and home.

A calm environment to ensure the learning was the focus had been effective. Teachers had stripped back the over stimulating distracting displays.

Songs for learning had helped memory and recall.

Using photos of the steps in a process and ensured that each step is manageable and broken down.

Silent modelling is the basis of everything happening in the foundation stage, enabling the learning.

Viewing the end goal for some activities that are heavily guided and modelled, children then following and copying is also effective.

When children wash their hands silent modelling is used throughout, along with picture prompts to demonstrate what to do. This approach supports how to wash hands (or any practical task).

Charlene Harper – Woodlands Nursery, Ruishton School