2023 Age 11-18: Secondary Feedback from Day 3 (2023)


German, French, Dutch, Maths

Three teachers had tried silent modelling. This had led to increased focus on the task and they could explain what had been modelled afterwards.

Questions were asked about which topics/tasks would be suitable for silent modelling.

Spot the mistake and fast 10 had meant students were doing retrieval practice.

Economics, Religious studies, Philosophy, Basic Education

Posters of work in hand were displayed which meant students had access to knowledge learnt.

Breaking things into smaller chunks had made students more involved in their learning, with less listening but more processing.

Retrieval practice, connecting the concepts led to better knowledge and understanding, although some higher achievers said ‘This is boring. We’ve done that already.’

Providing written resources including with pictures helped students learn what they need to know and helped extend them.

Modelling silently led to better concentration as there were no distractions. Some students found it awkward and understood it less.

Students modelling silently at the front led to more concentration than when the teacher did it.

Every student works on their own level and can walk up to the wall and look up the information he/she needs at that time. Students take their book up to the wall, put the book against the wall and do their assignment. Students next to the wall start helping each other.

Wendy Bosman – Arkelstein, Deventer

Art, History, Social Studies, Philosophy

Using discussion boards in small groups, completing tasks collectively via short, sharp discussions meant that weaker students could really feel success. They also make positive steps in building knowledge.

Breaking down the task into small chunks, using their laptops, given key words to grab key points from their instruction which they then bring into their own words on paper. This ensures they learn both independently and collectively. Some find this process more difficult than others. By working through the material they remember more so learning is more effective.

Using a Padlet means the students have their work instantly visible so it is easy to spark discussion and move forward. Students are positive about this.


Silent modelling had worked well to show word order in a sentence.

Looking for mistakes on whiteboards had motivated students.

Teachers had looked at the best way of chunking theory and practice. Making vocabulary lists to learn motivated students.

Mini quizzes using mini whiteboards led to greater awareness of students’ levels.