2020 Age 9-11: Y5/6 Feedback from Day 2


One teacher had tried silent modelling of new skills. Children asked lots of questions after wards which took longer.

One teacher of ASD in the Specialist Resource Base limited language to ‘first’ and ‘then’ to help hold their attention. Children were engaged and able to anticipate what would happen.

Three teachers introduced low stakes quizzes using Plickers or Kahoot. This was fun, engaged children and gave them instant feedback. They were not comparing each other.

Three teachers reduced the stimulus and kept excitement about the thing they wanted the children to think about. They had cut down on anecdotes and chit chat.

All teachers had used working walls for displays of things that children could refer to. They know where to go if they are stuck.

All teachers had displayed excellent examples on working walls for children to magpie from and retrieve their knowledge. One teacher in Y3 asked children to go to the working wall with a whiteboard to jot down ideas and vocabulary for a piece of writing.