2016 Age 11-12: Y7/9 (US grade 6-8) Feedback from Day 3


One teacher gave students a range of answers for algebra as a pre-test. This made the students excited to learn and engaged and gave the teacher information for where to focus instruction.

Another teacher gave the question ‘Do people have to pay for water?’ which students had to answer by supporting their claim with evidence.

Students in an English class were asked to put the characters in a novel in order from bravest to most cowardly.  This got them talking and helped them understand the concept of characterisation.  Their discussions let the teacher know how well they had read and understood the novel.

Various agree/disagree statements were given in history, which demonstrated their knowledge as well as some of their pre-conceived ideas.

The ‘odd one out’ was used with 3 similes and 1 metaphor which was not very successful as students were muddled, but it demonstrated their lack of understanding.