2011 Age 7-9: Y3/4 (2/3 Grade US) Feedback from Day 3


One teacher used Bloom’s Taxonomy with differentiated questions. All teachers were now including questions on their plans, resulting in higher quality discussion in talk partners.

Use of the thinking hats had led to greater understanding and evaluation.

It was noted that having some prior knowledge was necessary in order for children to discuss the questions. One teacher had used speaking frames to help children order their thought, which lower achievers had found helped their confidence and understanding in how to answer.

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Teachers found that questions first thing helped children focus and wake up. Wrong or right statements led to explanation and discussion.

One teacher used the ‘Paul Ginnis’ style of lesson, where children have to answer questions and teach each other.

One troubled child who did not want to come to school now enjoys school because of the questions in the morning.


Teachers had used the statement, odd one out, put in order of importance, starting from the end and the range of answers. The impact was:

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Teachers are now planning these questions, using them at beginnings and ends of lessons. This has led to great discussion, children retaining more, a better start to the lesson, excellent plenaries, children learning to debate and change their opinions. One teacher said ‘we can’t stop them talking!’ The statement, linked to the topic promoted rich discussion, language and confidence.

The 6 thinking hats had also been used to focus children’s thinking. Children were now able to break problems down more easily into smaller parts.

One teacher had used the statement for maths (multiplication is harder than division).

The question templates worked very well for all teachers, leading to instant engagement, assessment of prior knowledge, a culture of inclusion, ownership and the natural path to the leaning objective and success criteria.

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