2013 Age 5-7: Y1/2 (K/1 Grade US) Feedback from Day 3

Kettle Moraine School District, Wisconsin

During writers’ workshop a red and blue pen is used for feedback. The focus is now the success criteria for improvement, not just spaces and punctuation. Mid lesson learning stops with random samples shown under the document camera has led to more editing rather than ‘reread and fix it’.

One teacher working on illustrations created success criteria first (e.g. The colours must makes sense, the pictures need detail). She shared a sample of student work. They were good at saying what was successful but not so good at saying how to improve it.

Showing children many examples of good essay writing had helped children grasp the ideas.

Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Mini breaks using a visualiser to look at ongoing work had reminded children about what they were doing and inspired reluctant writers to have their work put under the visualiser. Using these stops for focusing children rather than disrupting them was important.

The visualiser stops had been shared in one staff meeting as well as putting work on top of each other for peer marking. The Year 6 teacher said it was such a simple strategy but was so effective.

One teacher told a story really badly then children picked out what was wrong. Children were videoed telling stories and when it was played back they were able to pick out the good features of storytelling.

The visualiser had also been used during lessons to get children to check against the success criteria.

Pencil pots have green and pink pencils for per marking. ‘Go green and think pink’ is one school’s whole school strategy.

In one class stickers are used for feedback: red for ‘stuck’, green for ‘got it’ and yellow for ‘nearly there’.

Purple pens are used in one class to show that the work was done cooperatively and improved. This makes sure that teachers can see what children have done on their own.

In another children use post it notes to give feedback. They love giving each other feedback and read regularly and talk about this.

Kettle Moraine School District, Wisconsin, USA

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