Age 7-9: Y3/4 (2/3 Grade US) 2014 Feedback from Day 3


Visualiser stops had been used for modelling work and for handwriting and improving something. They were also used for ticking off success criteria for what had been achieved. Children understand the importance of checking their work against the success criteria and looking for points to improve.

Cooperative improvement had begun by just looking for one sentence that they liked and justifying their choice. Children were beginning to look at writing as a critical exercise. A challenge was whether improvement actually improved the text.

Children were writing on alternate lines in one school and using a purple pen for improvements. This has made the impact very visual and by having the improvement close to the text it has made it easier for children to see what is expected. Children are acting on feedback.

In one class children are self-assessing after every lesson. Their improvements are done every morning as morning work. Children now have more awareness of what makes a good piece of writing.

The left hand page had been left free in literacy.

The issues of making improvements very much tied in with the ethos of a growth mindset.


Peter Hardwick |