2016 Age 4-6: Rec/Y1 (Kindergarten US) Feedback from Day 3


Walkabouts were introduced which had become a check to see that children are settled, focused, know what to do etc.  Children tuned into these expectations and took opportunities to ask a learning partner for help if needed.  Walkabouts helped the teacher see who needed help and independence was encouraged, so teachers could see which children did not have independent thinking skills.

Exit cards worked better as a verbal session – sharing and discussing learning.

Mini plenaries with the visualiser are good for identifying fantastic mistakes and making improvements. They are also used to revisit learning objectives and therefore focus on success criteria and making improvements.

Verbal feedback was instant and most effective so that children could immediately make improvements. Quality improvements on the spot are more meaningful rather than revisiting later.

Leaving the left hand side of children’s books blank was a good space for making improvements.

One teacher had introduced marking stations for maths so they could mark their own work and decide whether they can go up a level of challenge. If the answers are wrong they are encouraged to unravel them.