2016 Age 5-7: Y1/2 (K/1 Grade US) Feedback from Day 3


Exit cards had been used at the end of a week’s work on statistics which gave teachers instant indication of children’s understanding.

Visualiser stops were used by all.  Children were very positive and proud to have their work discussed.  Spotting mistakes and addressing these was a good example for helping all children’s learning.

In PE the IPad was used to project onto the smartboard so that all could see examples of good practice.

Children were leaving facing pages blank in their books for improvements.  They were given a chance, first to self-correct before partner feedback.  This needed training to be successful.,


Visualiser stops, marvellous mistakes, looking at good examples had all been used.  Feedback was instant and children were able to improve their work immediately.  They had the opportunity to find their own mistakes and can help each other know how to improve.

Verbal feedback and questioning is used continuously.  Feedback includes opportunities to apply skills or technical aspects of English.  Children are constantly thinking of ways to improve and are making rapid progress.

Self and peer feedback was modelled and coached by the teacher, which had provided good preparation for Key Stage 2.

Another teacher had children working in threes (the author and two others). Children gave their opinions based on the success criteria and the author took the time to consider the options for impact.

Stopping mid lesson to celebrate mistakes and exemplifying good work had been used with visualisers, focusing on learning objectives and success criteria. Children are more focused when looking at their own or a partner’s learning and can consider what is working well and ‘even better if’. Modelling enables children to understand the process.

Marking with purple polishing pens was child focused with children identifying what they could do to improve.

Symbols, stamps or live feedback provided instant information and helps children remember for the next lesson.


Students had enjoyed sharing their learning in the mid lesson learning stops when work is projected for analysis.

Students were using checklists to help give feedback to each other but it was felt that there needed to be more of a breakdown.