2016 Age 11-12: Y7/9 (US grade 6-8) Feedback from Day 3


One 6th grade teacher asked students to write a summary after each chapter of a class novel.  They were told to include 4 items.  The teacher then read their work and the next day showed the class an example from a previous year of good compared to less good.  The 4 items were colour coded on each piece.  Students then worked on improving their own summaries which were then of higher quality.

Mid lesson stops included google doc sharing.

One teacher had asked students to write a reflection at the end of an essay – What did I do to help you? What could I have done?

What could you have done?

Students had been paired with one student as the peer ‘tutor’.  The impact has been variable, with sometimes misinformation being given.

In a science plate tectonic project, students created their own rubric.  Students liked working towards the criteria.

In a math lesson, students were asked to analyse a linear equations poster.  Students had created their own posters and gave each other feedback about these.