Age 4-6: Rec/Y1 2017 Feedback from Day 3


Teachers had worked with one group at a time which had made it easier to discuss. Instant feedback was possible using VF.

The teachers were no longer writing comments on the books even though it was a habit. Codes were used for support – S, independent – I and targets – T. This was manageable. Highlighting against success criteria was still happening.


Three teachers had used mid lesson learning stops for the teaching of reading, modelling breaking down unknown words. Children are becoming more confident to break down unknown words without adult support.

Children are talking about the importance of making mistakes and can correct them as a class together. This has been a quick fix for misconceptions.

Children are more confident to correct and improve their work and are not afraid to make mistakes, because the editing process has become embedded.

Children are complimenting each other on their work, which has increased their confidence.

In one school 1-1 conferencing is timetabled so that each child gets individual feedback. This has helped to build positive relationships. The feedback is specifically targeted.

Feedback from student to student has helped reinforce ideas and embed learning.


I have allocated a time in my timetable for me to have 1-1 feedback with each child every two weeks.

The child and I read their work and highlight positives. Then we identify a next step.

This has impacted on the child’s learning as they are remembering their next step.