2011 Age 11-18: Secondary (6-12 Grade US) Feedback from Day 2

Ellesmere Port (EBD school)

These children mainly have a fixed mindset. Teachers had explained the mindsets and asked them to sort phrases into the mindsets, but had a number of difficulties. The children often go home to very negative criticism of their ability and there high mobility in the school. Children were more engaged in their activities after the discussions however. Teachers had helped them identify their emotions, linking how they feel to its effect on their learning. Some Year 11s who were receptive to this were more focused when doing their GCSEs than the ones who were locked into a fixed mindset.

Brighton and Hove

The ordering celebrities activity had been done and children took to the concepts very quickly. More children are now rethinking their concept of intelligence.

Discussion has now opened up about mindsets. Children are more confident, more self-aware, more up for challenges and more likely to persevere.

More opportunities have been given for children to learn in different ways.


One school did a ‘Mind and muscle’ assembly in which students were asked to order the 5 celebrities and talked about the mindsets. Superheroes for learning were introduced and links were made with the enterprise project. Schools are aiming to eliminate a fixed mindset and get students to measure their own progress in learning rather than comparing themselves to others.

One school is using the SIMS gateway as a vehicle for celebrating achievement.

The impact has been remarkable. One teacher talked about how having one mixed ability class of 25 students for history had raised students’ aspirations, given them more confidence and enabled them to reach grades far above their target grades. E grade students were aiming for Bs and earning Cs. This caused much discussion in the team about how many secondary students are not reaching higher grades because of streaming and setting.

Brighton & Hove

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