2012 Age 11-18: Secondary (6-12 Grade US) Feedback from Day 2


Targets had been set for the week for learning dispositions. All children were encouraged to participate and the more resistant students targeted. This highlighted pupil’s sense of failure and encouraged reflection. The information was fed back to individual subject teachers.

It was felt that the learning culture was difficult to integrate in a large school so they were trying to put it together first in Year 7 through the ‘learning to learn’ programme. If staff have a fixed mindset the problem is greater….

One teacher had invented characters to represent the learning dispositions, which had helped embed student understanding.


I did a lesson on growth and fixed mindsets based around the facts and the YouTube clip of taxi drivers’ brains. I then got the students to focus on one area of successful learning and get them to feedback at the end of the week what they felt they had accomplished, using a growth mindset and what they still felt they had to improve to move away from a fixed mindset.

This worked extremely well with some students, especially with me as the form tutor, as students saw it as a sounding board for subjects they struggle with. It allowed me to communicate with the subject teachers and make them more aware of how that student is feeling in the lesson. It is also important because it makes the student reflect and take ownership for their own learning instead of blaming the teacher, which some are inclined to do.

I still need to focus more on getting ALL students to feedback instead of the more conscientious ones in my class and hope to run this across the school, especially with Year 7.


Mixed ability teaching had been experimented with but some problems were experienced. Higher achievers were frustrated that they were always supporting lower achieving pupils.


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