2014 Age 5-7: Y1/2 (K/1 Grade US) Feedback from Day 2


Mazes had been used to find out current mindsets, which had given teachers more specific knowledge about the children.

Pictures of the brain had been displayed and a quote of the week was also displayed. Because these things are constantly on view the children often refer to them. One school used skipping ropes to show the connections between neurons (sparks). Motivational posters and YouTube clips were also used.

There are assemblies about the growth mindset every week in one school. Children want to challenge themselves and are saying that they have a growth mindset when they get something wrong.

One teacher introduced in circle time a character who did not have a growth mindset and children were helping the character to develop a growth mindset. They are now saying ‘I can’t do it YET’.

Children had created characters to link with the learning muscles and written their names next to them. Teachers ask for instance, ‘How have you been resilient for this lesson?’ Children are reflecting and giving advice to each other.

Choosing an activity which was at the right level was challenging for children (Ofsted not keen), so it had to be emphasised that this was their personal level not the class’s level and that it was good to start where the teacher advised then move on if it is too easy.

A Friday literacy challenge from skills built up during the week had been very successful with success criteria and a challenge.


Peter Hardwick | headteacher@beck.sheffield.sch.uk