2014 Age 7-9: Y3/4 (2/3 Grade US) Feedback from Day 2


One school had Leon the Learning Lion introducing Guy Claxton’s 4 learning powers. Children can now talk about how they are successful learners.

One teacher used Mister Men and Little Miss characters were used and stories were written for each character (e.g. Little Miss Cooperation). Children were then able to talk about their own success and were supporting each other to be like the character.

The weekly positive quotes had been used as well as the Famous Failures YouTube clip. This had built a positive classroom ethos and made clear when children had negative thoughts.

Teachers were now praising the effort not the standard, which had encouraged children to put effort in.

The split screen effect had been trialled, which had been quite hard as there is so much overlap.

‘I can’t do it YET’ had been displayed in classrooms and woven into lessons. Children were now using this language themselves and encouraging each other and reminding each other that they needed to persevere.

A growth mindset presentation about the biology of the growing brain took place (My neurons are firing – Anne Blumer and Owler Brook). Children are intrigued and feel in control of their success.


Peter Hardwick | headteacher@beck.sheffield.sch.uk