2014 Age 9-11: Y5/6 (4/5 Grade US) Feedback from Day 2


One school held a staff meeting about learning behaviours ‘What does our school learner look like?’ They focused on perseverance and revaluating the ethos of the school. They found the 8 learning powers too wide and decided to focus on fewer, deciding that Claxton’s learning muscles would be easier. Staff felt there was potential from September to make children less passive and more actively engaged.

The staff are looking at one learning principle each half term and have noticed an impact on children’s attitude to SATs. They are more positive. Children are more aware of themselves as learners and know that intelligence is not fixed.

Each child has a learning log in which children are keeping a record of their learning.

Statements were given for children to sort into fixed or growth mindsets which made children think. The learning principles have been made into cards and somebody is nominated from each class each week to present a card in assembly. This has heightened the importance of the learning principles and made them seem more relevant to children. IT has created a buzz.

Posters had been made about learning behaviours, made by the children. There is a danger that these can become ‘wallpaper’.

In one school a group of girls who regularly don’t get it in maths have to say ‘I don’t get it yet.’ This has made them smile and given them a more positive attitude.

Children had been asked to improve their personal best in mental maths. ‘Look in the mirror – that’s your competition.’ Results have improved.


Peter Hardwick | headteacher@beck.sheffield.sch.uk