Age 5-7: Y1/2 (K/1 Grade US) 2016 Feedback from Day 2


Growth mindset

One Y2 class learned to count in Russian (including adults) to show it was ok to not know something and to start from scratch.

Another class discussed the intelligence order of a number of celebrities and concluded that the order depended on what their skill was, but that any of them could try learning.

One school had whole school assemblies about the learning pit with displays in every class.  The pit is referred to often and climbing out of it is seen as a positive.

Children have a choice of challenges, with children using language around challenging themselves and stretching their brains.

In two schools it seemed that this year’s cohort is less resilient and worried about making mistakes. In one school, however, children love sharing their mistakes which are celebrated by the teachers and displayed to help all learners.

Learning powers

One school had created ‘Captain Learning’, who has a range of powers. Children refer to him.  Another school has the Guy Claxton powers: Tough tortoise (resilience), Team Ant (reciprocal), Wise Owl (reflective) and Resourceful squirrel.

An autistic boy in one class had a brilliant behaviour day and told the teacher, unprompted, that he had used ‘Team Ant’ and imitated the other children.  This had been the theme the week before.


When we began our Y2 SATs paper we settled to begin and one child said it would be a good idea to have Concentrate Colin and Have a go Harold ready to help us.  The character pictures were put under the visualiser during the whole time they were doing the paper.


Growth mindset

One teacher had introduced the growth mindset with the fishbowl picture of the fish trying to jump into a larger bowl. Learning was moving from independent to partners learning together. This had led to lower achievers needing less adult support.

Circle times had also been used to discuss attitudes and growth mindset language.  Some children are still using fixed language but the majority of children are now using the vocabulary.

All teachers had introduced the power of the word ‘yet’, this word now being embedded in the culture of the school with displays to reinforce it.

‘Marvellous mistakes’, ‘stop and talk about’, and use of purple pens for corrections and improvements had helped children see that mistakes are linked to learning.

Two teachers had displayed a ‘deep dark learning hole’ to show the learning journey and its difficulties. This has supported the children in seeing where they are in their learning journey but they were still developing strategies for how to move forward.

The visualiser was used to look at mistakes and share the learning that has taken place

The teachers were all working with mixed ability for all subjects, resulting in children being more confident to push themselves.

Learning powers

One teacher had introduced ‘learning gym’ bags with toys or puppets inside to represent the 5 learning values in the school.  Children are now beginning to understand the terms for learning powers.