2011 Age 11-18: Secondary (6-12 Grade US) Feedback from Day 2

Ellesmere Port

One teacher asked the children what they knew about the countryside code and found they had no knowledge if it at all. Pictures were used, such as a first aid kit, asking students to decide what they would need on a day’s walk. The walk took place and students are now more aware of their surroundings.

One school had changed to a creative curriculum and showed the students pictures of Liverpool. Students were highly motivated, collecting items, researching it before it started.

It was felt that the curriculum is better if it is less rigid. Key skills need to be central but students want to be more involved in the planning process. When they have this level of involvement they seem to remember more. Parents also need to be more involved, as they have a wealth of knowledge and skills which they can share with children in the school.

Brighton and Hove

Teachers started planning from finding out about prior learning and knowledge, then immersion. Children were highly motivated and said what they would like to learn, related to appropriate skills.

Planning is now more skills related and children are more interested in researching what they want to learn.

One teacher gave children a choice in their homework tasks.

It was felt that children come up with more interesting ideas than teachers.


Teachers had introduced strategies for understanding student prior knowledge at the start of a lesson. Different stimuli had been used such as media clips and song and student had been asked ‘What question would you like to ask about …?’ Students were engaged and seeing more purpose ion learning.

Brighton & Hove

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