2013 Age 7-9: Y3/4 (2/3 Grade US) Feedback from Day 2

Kettle Moraine School District, Wisconsin

One teacher read children a book over break time, then gave them the success criteria based on the Common Core Standards (new US national curriculum).  They did a book review, choosing their method of presentation, but all had to fulfil the success criteria.  They peer assessed to make sure they were meeting these.  Children self-assessed and were able to revise their work to a higher quality.

In the same school, in which personalised learning is the philosophy, children choose their own topic and decide how to learn it.  They choose a goal, such as capital letters and periods. One student chose robotics and has been able to link with high school students working in robotics. Children are more motivated and engaged and learning from each other.

In a biography unit in the same school, children had immersion in biographies.  They then chose people to study, giving reasons.  Children were given the learning objectives (targets) but chose their own method of presentation.  Children are proud of their learning and the person they had become.  They were able to answer questions that were not part of their presentation.

Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Teachers had used various techniques to gain pupil prior knowledge and find out what they wanted to learn: using talk partners, putting their thoughts in envelopes etc. and found children were more motivated, learning moved forward and results were surprisingly positive.

Immersion sessions had some resourcing issues, but where it was successful children learnt by exploring together.

Children were now more aware of skills, having matched activities to them.  Children were able to plan investigations and refine their thinking during this.

Children’s ideas were enhanced by the initial planning experiences and resulted in them being proud of their learning.

Kettle Moraine School District, Wisconsin, USA

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