2015 Age 5-7: Y1/2 (K/1 Grade US) Feedback from Day 2

East Sussex

One school used ‘super starters’ for immersion, such as golden eggs, a letter of declaration or war and a fire pit in a play area. These were used to enthuse and engage. These were excellent stimuli for writing and extending children’s vocabulary and developing their imagination.

Giving children freedom to have more choice made learning more purposeful, although some teachers felt there were time constraints.

One teacher gave the children a set of vocabulary relating to the Tower of London. It was engaging and exciting.

One school wrote to parents to inform them of the next learning journey and welcome their support, resulting in an ENT specialist coming in to give a science lesson.

North Cambridge

Teachers asked children before a topic for their prior knowledge and then to generate ideas. Asking what they knew about something at the beginning and the end of a topic was a good way of showing children’s progress.

Wow moments were set up to initiate topics and engage children.

Parents were informed about new topics. Immersion days had led to high quality learning and sustained enthusiasm.


During our topic ‘Land Ahoy!’ we provided children with the opportunity to immerse in the topic through activities linked (e.g. playing with boats and water). The vocabulary that came out helped to establish their prior knowledge. One child stated ‘If I push this down it is pushed back up by upthrust.’ Another said ‘Look – if you rock the water backwards and forwards you create waves which makes the boats move on their own.’ This established their starting point and ways to build on their knowledge.

Rebecca, Highlees Primary

East Sussex

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