Age 9-11: Y5/6 (4/5 Grade US) 2017 Feedback from Day 2


Immersions days were organised as visits or special occasion days. Children were given skills and came up with their own ideas. They were engaged and enthusiastic.

Both pupils and teachers were highly engaged in the process. Children did their best homework ever linked to their research interested.

The Donaldson heading were used. It was found to be sad that children were trained to suggest ‘good’ school tasks.


Sixty children in one school were engaged in an Ancient Egypt topic. They had a big immersion before half term organised in 6 different areas, with activities, pictures, key words, stuff buried in sand. There were post it notes for ideas and key questions. The children were split into groups, they took all the questions and broke down each area to create planning activities. Children were very engaged in the topic and were able to come back to key questions. Children were doing extra work at home, such as making the inside of a tomb out of Lego! They were spending lunchtimes reading books about it. Children had ownership of the topic so were empowered.

Another topic on World War 2 also had key skills written as key questions, linking across the curriculum. Misconceptions were picked up which made it possible to address these in planning.

Children were shown skills that needed to be covered and these led to activities and homework. The skills focus helped to guide the learning.


“Children were given books and pictures and I told them about my experience of visiting Krakow, Poland and Auschwitz/Birkenall. They had A3 sheets with key questions such as ‘What do you know about the Blitz? What do you want to know?’

Mid-term we had a Homefront workshop where children learned to march together, throw grenades at Hitler’s Panzers and how to make do and mend.

The ‘Big Finish’ is that they are organising a 1940s tea dance for parents. Children will be creating decorations, cooking, writing invitations and dancing. They have felt empowered and enthusiastic throughout!.”  Kalle Boyle Bishop’s C of E Primary Academy