2022 Age 4-6: Rec/Y1 Feedback from Day 2



All teachers had changed to task-related praise rather than ego-related. Children are more motivated and validated for what they have done. Teachers are being clearer about what they are pleased with and being genuine in their praise. Verbal feedback has led to improvement of low level disruption.

Four out of six teachers had introduced ‘marvellous mistakes’. Talking through mistakes with children has helped to increase their attention and reflect on their learning. This lends itself further to older children when the lesson is more subject specific. These discussions are helping children to progress.

Children remain in groups for numeracy and phonics in one school. Continuous provision is not ability grouped.

Growth mindset thinking has been developed by two teachers, focusing on the brain being stretched when things are tricky and the language of yet.

Learning Powers

One teacher had created a learning powers board showing achievements linked to learning powers. Being visual has helped support all children.