2018 Age 11-18: Secondary Feedback from Day 2

North Wales Team 1

Growth mindset

Three teachers developed the growth mindset culture through language used with them and celebrating mistakes.

A resilience wheel was created and used weekly. Learners were referring to the resilience wheel in their lessons to support their learning and management of behaviour. In one lesson, 2 pupils were disagreeing. The teacher pointed to the resilience wheel to remind them and they huffed but then started to work together.

In one Y10 group after an exam they were asked to work together and to criticise each other’s answers. They are feeling confident and more willing to approach the teacher with their drafts.

One teacher makes it clear that everyone can get better against the success criteria so talks through the answers rather than simply giving number scores. It was enjoyable to see the children grow their confidence.

Two teachers had used the learning pit to analyse questions. Two boys who were usually difficult were helping each other and giving feedback. They were willing to go the extra mile.

Three teachers used the visualiser to show different examples of work and to celebrate mistakes, focusing on what has been learnt from them.

North Wales Team 2

Growth mindset

One teacher with mixed ability Y9 introduced the topic of GCSE music. By looking at ‘Handbags and Gladrags’ as an example, the pupils were shown that they already had most skills needed to enable them to access the course. Pit stops were used throughout the lesson, woven with metacognitive strategies. Pupils were given an exam paper at the end of the lesson and nearly all pupils scored above 80%. Numbers of pupils choosing GCSE music have increased with children who would probably not have chosen it.

Another teacher had Set 5-a challenging Y10 class for Welsh literature. The coursework task is based on a Welsh play. She used a previous pupil’s work to show what is possible. They analysed it and created success criteria and the impact was their attitude to Welsh literature improved and the task was of a high standard.

All teachers had introduced targets to challenge more demotivated pupils. Not all pupils are reaching the challenging target grade, but most are working harder towards it.

Two teachers had displayed the zones bullseye diagram which has increased confidence.

Two teachers used a questionnaire to identify fixed or growth mindsets and compared their mindsets to their attainment. They found a direct correlation between attainment and mindset.

Learning Powers

Two teachers were building learning powers into lessons. Pupils can now use the language of learning and explain their skill set more effectively.

2. Prior knowledge questioning

Establishing what children know at the start of a lesson helps teachers know whether to adjust the planned lesson. As Ausubel (1968) stated ‘Ascertain what the child already knows and teach him accordingly.’

The continual classroom quest to find out how far students are understanding something involves effective questioning.

Teachers used templates such as the range of answers, the statement, odd one out and what went wrong.