2022 Age 5-7: Y1/2 Feedback from Day 2



All teachers had introduced marvellous mistakes (‘wonderful whoopsie’ in one class). They would go over the mistake, explain the thinking, unpick and discuss. This has led to more peer teaching, explaining to each other. There is an emphasis on learning from mistakes so children are more eager to offer ideas. One child in particular has really opened up since this emphasis, which the parents have commented on. Another child said ‘we are using marvellous mistakes at home, and it’s really helping!’

All teachers had got rid of comparative rewards. Children are not bothered, but some teachers are. Recognition is done verbally so you are always looking for the next thing. Certain children have their own ‘systems’ of comparison. Children don’t care about behaviour rewards.

Celebration assembly was difficult with the class feeling left out because they are the only class not getting rewards.

Star of the week still exists but they know they will all get this.

Teachers had made their praise feedback task not ego related, which was tricky to start with. Children have taken ownership of this and use language about being helpful and using values. They have more empathy towards each other.
All teachers use mixed ability so get an opportunity to learn with each other. Children know that if they need help they will get it.

Using the bullseye zones poster, children say which zone they are in.

Learning powers

Two of the 4 teachers had introduced these, as the other schools already had these embedded. Children know the learning powers are being celebrated. One learning power is the focus for a week which has led to children developing these learning behaviours. They know what stops them (e.g. noise stops me concentrating).