2022 Age 5-7: Y1/2 Feedback from Day 2



Three of the four teachers had used ‘fabulous mistakes’ and modelled mistakes themselves. Children are now picking up the vocabulary of mistakes and pointing them out, talking about their own mistakes. This built children’s confidence. They love to spot teacher’s mistakes.

All teachers had given verbal praise for feedback, with some already making the praise task rather than ego related. Children will say ‘I did an amazing adjective!’ rather than ‘I’m so clever.’

Two of the four teachers had removed stickers and reward charts and team points. These teachers found that it helped lower achievers who were always missing out before. They also said the children didn’t mind them being removed and were content enough with task related praise and feedback. The other two teachers thought rewards were ok and motivated their class.

Two teachers have mixed ability for all lessons, whereas the others had ability grouping for some maths lessons. With mixed ability, lower achievers were more confident and having a go rather than waiting to be guided by a TA or teacher.