2022 Age 7-9: Y3/4 Feedback from Day 2



Two of 4 teachers had introduced PETI (practise, effort, time, input) which had led to better use of children’s time. Marvellous mistakes had been used by all which had led to children asking more questions. One teacher had ‘icky, sticky, tricky’ as children seemed happier to use that phrase.

SEN children find it hard not having rewards and parents find it challenging. It needs to be the whole school culture and policy for no rewards to work.

All teachers had related their praise to the task not ego, with all children receiving the same phrasing of feedback, with no wow moments any more.

All teachers had mixed ability only except for phonics teaching.

Using and giving a stage to ‘marvellous mistakes’ has encouraged children to see the learning in and importance of mistakes. Since introducing it, the new idea of an ‘icky, sticky, tricky’ has organically grown, where children find a fact or concept long to remember and are eager to share what they do remember, so we can all practise it together (often during deliberate practise sessions).

Sarah Le Templier – Clearwater C of E Academy

Learning powers

Some schools already had learning powers established, but day to day practice was inconsistent. The language of have a go and keep improving and showing how the brain develops was effective.

Certificates were given for learning powers with names in a hat, with a class reward chart for learning powers only.