2022 Age 7-9: Y3/4 Feedback from Day 2



All teachers were celebrating mistakes, which has improved children’s confidence; empowering children, especially those at the cusp of working towards the expected standard. One teacher asked for magnet predictions and there was a difference of opinion between the class. Their talk developed their reasoning skills as they had to explain what they thought. Children are confident to show their mistakes.
Another teacher writes on the board putting wiggly lines under her misspelt words rather than using an easier to spell word. The children now do this in their own writing.

Two of the three teachers had moved to verbal task related feedback rather than written. A positive impact was seen in children’s work after moving to on the move verbal feedback: more confident and more accurate.

Two of the 3 teachers had removed rewards and golden time. Giving recognition for effort has had a positive impact on motivation. Children do not miss the golden time afternoon. There is an improvement in children’s articulation of their learning.

Three of the four teachers had removed ability grouping. Key children were targeted when needed. This had led to a ‘have a go’ attitude.

We have been focusing on ‘marvellous mistakes’ and how that could also be one of our learning powers. Three children who really struggled with confidence have absolutely thrived. They love seeing their mistakes. Knowing that making mistakes not only allowed them to learn but also others. Sharing their mistakes and unpicking what errors they made, but then also being able to articulate their corrections confidently has led to an incredible growth in each child.

Athisha Jules – Holy Trinity C of E Primary