2020 Age 9-11: Y5/6 Feedback from Day 2


Growth mindset

Most teachers had made sure was praise was task not ego related. Children knew what they had done well and how to move on with their learning. This had accelerated their progress, increased their self-confidence and made them better at analysing their work. They don’t easily feel their work is finished.

Most teachers had stopped the use of stickers and rewards. One teacher asked her class how they felt about stickers. Children understood why they were being stopped and agreed that they were not fair.

All teachers were celebrating marvellous mistakes and using good and bad ones to analyse. They used visualisers to get children to feedback on each other’s work. Children are now happier to share their mistakes and their learning with the class. They are more confident to take risks. This has increased their self-esteem and understanding that we learn through error.

Learning powers

Children had the vocabulary of the learning powers and were beginning to identify them in themselves and others.