2022 Age 9-11: Y5/6 Feedback from Day 2



All teachers had removed certificates and house points and this was discussed with the children. The compliment book was introduced to write something they were proud of as well as the learning partner comment. Children are very aware of what they are proud of and not looking for external recognition. Many children wanted to share compliment books with parents.

Children talk to their partners about what they have achieved.

Children have not missed house points.

All teachers were celebrating error. Children are not worried about this as they are used to unpicking mistakes.

Using task related praise – teachers have been very careful about not giving ego related praise both verbally and written. Children recognise that they are equally valued – they know what they’re doing well and what they need to get better at. They recognise that struggle is important.

The learning pit was used in two classes which led to positive conversations about struggle.

Ability grouping was not used by any teacher. There is no ceiling put on their learning. They all know that expectations for everyone are high.

Pupils discussing achievements are now using the language of our learning behaviour characters. ‘You need to be more like Gordon. Don’t give up – use the goat strategies.’ (Gordon is the ‘don’t give up’ goat that pupils created).

Liz Davies – Bibury C of E Primary

Learning powers

Most have these in place already. Children feel like they have ownership of the powers because they are involved in forming them (choosing characters and linked behaviours). Children are beginning to discuss learning behaviours with their partner. They might be paying lip service to it however.