2022 Age 5-7: Y1/2 Feedback from Day 2


All teachers had used open and closed learning intentions, had compared good with poor examples to generate the criteria and used them mainly for maths and English. Children know what good looks like, are more independent and more successful. Co-construction was sometimes difficult for Year 1, who needed lots of scaffolding. Talk for Writing involves co-constructing a toolkit for the genre of writing. Children were involved and engaged in co-construction and they are more successful in their learning.

Success criteria were added to displays in most classes, as well as one school who call the long term success criteria ‘elephant knowledge’.

In our school we have introduced always success criteria as ‘elephant knowledge’ posters, because elephants never forget. We use bookmarks for writing and maths, with clear expectations of what they always need to do (e.g. writing on the line, one digit per square). Children are engaged by these and are clear on always expectations.Lauren – Robin Hood Infants