2020 Age 9-11: Y5/6 Feedback from Day 2


All teachers had used the visualiser to unpick a task and its requirements as co-constructed success criteria. Children were engaged and the success criteria allow children to be confident in tackling the task.

A range of exemplar texts were shown for children to find the common features. They understood the successful features and came to an understanding rather than just being told.

Three teachers had compared good and poor examples to co-construct success criteria. Children were more invested and understood the criteria more deeply.

One teacher asked children to write examples next to the success criteria to make a toolkit. This embedded understanding and created a rich reference resource.

Two teachers had used different colours to distinguish between the skill and the knowledge.

In reception the teacher, Emma, had used picture clues for each criterion and children took the list into their continuous provision. This has led to higher quality work e.g. not just making a pretty card for Goldilocks, but put a 5 on it, wrote their name etc. or when making a chair for Goldilocks made sure it had a back strong enough for her etc.