2014 Age 4-6: Rec/Y1 (Kindergarten US) Age 5-7: Y1/2 (K/1 Grade US) Feedback from Day 2


Teachers were working on decontextualizing learning objectives which was going well. This made it clearer for children to know what they were learning.

Schools were also using more ‘choose to’ criteria. It was felt that it was difficult to look for features of a particular genre in Year 1 because what teachers were looking for was finger spaces, capital letters and basic sentences.

Three teachers had used criteria checklists for children to tick off at the end if they have used them. An ‘always’ list was used for punctuation.

Teachers felt more confident with success criteria in Literacy and maths but not so much with other subjects. Displaying of criteria was not always appropriate for non-readers so it was done verbally.

All teachers had found co-constructing success criteria was going well. Children know what a good one looks like and what improvements they need to make.

Peer assessment is also going well with children using sentence starters such as ‘I like how you have…’. This has given children a boost and makes them clearer about where they have done well and how to improve.


Peter Hardwick | headteacher@beck.sheffield.sch.uk