2014 Age 5-7: Y1/2 (K/1 Grade US) Feedback from Day 2


One teacher was using open ended criteria for particular genres, generated by the children. They were now more focused on their learning and understanding next steps.

Most teachers were using compulsory success criteria. One teacher was asking children to choose their success criteria for writing after teacher led criteria at the beginning of the week.

Children were developing their own maths success criteria and seeing the advantages of these.

Two teachers were building a book of criteria for revisiting. Most teachers were making the criteria simple, small steps so children were needing less scaffolding.

One teacher described how one late pupil was able to follow the co-constructed criteria previously generated.

Children were enjoying creating success criteria and it gave them greater ownership, enabling them to track against the criteria and share excellence. The progression is clear and gaps are easily identified.


Peter Hardwick | headteacher@beck.sheffield.sch.uk