Age 4-6: Rec/Y1 (Kindergarten US) 2019 Feedback from Day 3


Teachers started the new academic year with setting the learning culture.

Learning partners, prior knowledge questions, working walls were all being developed and one teacher had removed all extrinsic rewards.


The tricky word wall had been taken down to ease the cognitive load in two classrooms and displays are thought about carefully.  Cognitive load theory!

Some cohorts were struggling with random talk partners so lots of modelling was needed.

All teachers were asking prior knowledge questions and co-constructing success criteria.


All teachers had made their displays more child led and wipeable.  Children refer to displays more often and they ask for things to be included on the walls.

Two teachers have learning powers through the school from the beginning of the year and adults are beginning to use the language of learning.

All teachers use prior knowledge questions to see misconceptions and steer the direction of the lesson.

All teachers are co-constructing success criteria which are a recurring and constant resource for children to refer to.  They can now talk about different genres and their key elements.

There are many ways in which teachers ease the cognitive load, such as silent modelling, in which concentration is heightened and storage greater in long term memory.

We have introduced a new learning power puppet every other week in the Nursery.  We started with Have-a-go-Henry.  Introducing them at the beginning of the year is already having an impact.  Parents have mentioned the characters to us and wanted to know more!  The biggest change has been that both the children’s’ and adults’ language is changing.  Last week a child asked an adult a question and the adult responded ‘You’re being curious like Chloe – you’re asking me a question!’  The whole class knows that they have learning powers and we say together ‘Enjoying learning is a learning power’ or ‘having a go is a learning power’.  They all punch the air!

Susi Bawn – Fircroft Primary