Age 5-7: Y1/2 (K/1 Grade US) 2019 Feedback from Day 3


Three teachers had used ‘Thinking Classrooms’ which had linked well with the school learning powers.

All teachers had used lollysticks.

Much discussion of learning, movers and blockers, mistakes etc. had taken place with new classes.

All teachers found modelling in silence had been very effective in focusing children. 


Four teachers had embedded marvellous mistakes so children were more confident to have a go and there are fewer tears.  Mistakes are talked about throughout the day.

Compliment books rather than slips had been introduced in two schools which children swap to write their feedback in at the end of the week to their talk partner.  One school had a display board of compliments children had written.

As a school we have made a display about ‘learning partners’.  On this display we showcase the compliment cards from all the children.  This shows children the importance of the compliment cards and the change of learning partners, as well as celebrating and promoting positivity between the children and throughout the school.

Granard Primary

One teacher had found coloured Velcro dots which she put on the carpet with matching dots on the tables to help children’s organisation.