2011 Age 4-6: Rec/Y1 (Kindergarten US) Age 5-7: Y1/2 (K/1 Grade US) Feedback from Day 3

Brighton and Hove

One teacher wrote ‘A Mouse Tale’ to tell the story of having a growth mindset, which inspired children to use the language of learning.

Other teachers invented characters, often toys, for each learning muscle, developing stories for each character in which the learning skills and attributes were described. In one school INSET was then delivered to staff which has led to teachers creating their own stories for the characters. The characters in this school are now linked to merit assemblies. The impact so far has led to children saying, typically, ‘My brain is growing’, ‘I’m trying really hard today’, and ‘You’ve done really good learning’.

In another school animal characters had been chosen to represent the learning muscles and there was a ‘suitcase’ for collecting the learning on a journey. Learning muscles labels were placed in the classroom to show which muscle children might need in each learning area. Children now say things like ‘Can I have the ‘pushing myself’ banana today? I’m really pushing myself!’ They are using the language of learning (e.g. ‘I want to keep improving’ to link with ‘perseverance’).


One school had a day on ‘perseverance’, focused on it in assembly and set up pupil challenges. It was noticed that younger children needed more time to unpick the skills of perseverance and apply them.

Another teacher used Claxton’s ‘Superheroes’ and created ‘Tallulah Teddy’ who was noticing and managing distractions. Teachers using this and Claxton’s ‘TLO’ appreciated the access to ideas for younger children. Children became more aware of their learning skills.

Brighton & Hove

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