2011 Age 5-7: Y1/2 (K/1 Grade US) Feedback from Day 3

Brighton and Hove

One teacher had used Guy Claxton’s ‘Learning Superheroes’ book and had introduced two superheroes and their super powers. Children designed the characters and thought of their actions to represent the learning powers. The impact has been that children persevere for longer and they can articulate the learning powers to adults. Posters have been made of the superheroes and future planning is to incorporate the learning powers at the beginning of a lesson for a particular focus.


One school’s head did an assembly about trying to get into the Guiness Book of Records for peeling an apple. He sat peeling an apple and asked the children to give him encouragement. When a piece broke off he asked if he should give up and they said ‘No, keep on trying!’ The strong message has resulted in children constantly referring back to the assembly when they face a difficult task.

It was agreed that children need to focus on one or two aspects only. It was also suggested that the 8 categories could be grouped into 4 sections, to be more accessible to children.

One teacher used stacking cups and challenged children to set the best time to stack them. They worked on a number of skills: concentration, keeping going, bettering your previous performance, taking turns etc.

Brighton & Hove

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