2011 Age 9-11: Y5/6 (4/5 Grade US) Feedback from Day 3

Brighton and Hove

One school made each of the 8 elements into a poster. Children started to understand the vocabulary and a way in. They realised that it wasn’t enough to just say ‘don’t give up’, but alternative strategies were needed.

Each element was made into a character, giving them a ‘hook’, which was a real toy in the room. Children found it helpful to pick up a character and take it with them.

Having a very clear and explicit format and vocabulary really helped children’s understanding.

One school had a review of learning at the end of each week, written on the whiteboard. The ‘Star’ assembly at the end of the week consists of a random selection of 3 children from each class who receive certificates and share their progress in learning with the whole school. All children are chosen within 10 weeks.

Parents initially were not interested but just wanted end results. Children are now more aware of their learning and that there are different ways of doing things well.


Teachers described modelling behaviour for ‘managing distractions’ first, which led to children being able to use the language discussed (e.g. ‘ignore him’).

One school focused as a school on the elements, with a launch day. Children are enthused and talking around the school about it but too soon to measure impact.

One school have developed superheroes for each of the key areas. Children are now taking more responsibility for their learning and reflecting on their previous learning behaviour.

Brighton & Hove

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