2018 Age 11-18: Secondary Feedback from Day 2

North Wales Team 1

One person tried a range of prior knowledge starter questions. This resulted in an immediate positive start, with engagement and helps children filter out what might have happened before this lesson.

True/false was used with mini whiteboards which enables the teacher to see where transitional tasks were need so impacted planning. It was felt that an established learning culture was intrinsic to this.

Two teachers had tried putting in order with characters in order of importance in a text. This led to in depth discussion, helping to develop higher order thinking.

The statement starter was successful.

North Wales Team 2

Strategies used for prior knowledge questioning were:

• A picture on the screen and asking what they see and what questions they have. This leads to more in depth thinking.
• What went wrong
• Explain the mistake
• Correct the mistake
• Odd one out, which worked for music, poetry, themes and pictures. This can work across the curriculum and reveals and improves student vocabulary. The teacher is free to challenge the learning and move children forward.

The questions had led to more enquiry by students, more in depth thinking, improved collaboration, improved responses and put learners in charge of their learning. Misconceptions were revealed.