Age 4-6: Rec/Y1 (Kindergarten US) 2016 Feedback from Day 2


All teachers had tried random talk partners for all lessons.  All teachers used lollysticks to choose the pairs.

Children enjoyed learning with new children and didn’t worry if they were not friends with their new partner. The children are now better at mixing.

Parents have been in to talk to one teacher with both good and bad comments about the random talk partners.

One teacher found that children who are disruptive together have learnt, through the random pairing, the impact their behaviour has had on the rest of the class.

Two teachers changed the room set up so that children could see the front more easily which changed the way in which the children focused, increasing their ability to concentrate.

Children stay on task and are more engaged although some children do not like the moving seats every week.

Teachers felt they were more aware of children in different parts of the room and had become more inclusive in their questioning.

Using the lollysticks for who answers a question had made all children ready to answer. Having had talk partner discussion beforehand made the answering, as a pair, less threatening than being asked on their own.

Overall children respect each other more than before and relationships throughout the classes have improved.