2022 Age 4-6: Rec/Y1 Feedback from Day 2


Teachers had chosen talk partners using named lollysticks which works really well. Children are enjoying working with different children every day. Children who weren’t talking before are becoming more confident in speaking out, especially EAL who are much more confident. The process of talking had been modelled to help them understand.

One teacher had previously used fixed carpet spaces and had asked for the children’s feelings about these:
‘I don’t like being told where to sit’
‘I want to sit where I want to sit’
‘I don’t like being at the back. I want to be at the front.’
‘I like knowing where I sit.’
She chose random partners but allowed them to sit together where they chose. They change after one week. The children clearly valued being part of the process and being listened to.

Threes were too difficult for this age as one child was always left out.

Compliment slips were getting more detailed as time passes.