2022 Age 4-6: Rec/Y1 Feedback from Day 2


One school used widgets to remind children of the talk partner success criteria. This brought them back to what to do to make the partnership successful.

Two teachers were using triads which had helped children with SEN to at least sit with a group. Peer groups had been broadened.

I have a high needs SEND child who has historically struggled to sit on the carpet for sustained periods of time. Use of talk partners has had a positive impact on his social interaction, confidence and emotional development. This positive shift in behaviour is also present in child-led provision.
Mia Edmunds

Two teachers used talk partners on the carpet and two teachers changed partners midweek to eliminate any anxiety over the weekend.

Children were used to saying thank you to their partner before they changed partners.

The nursery teacher was not yet doing talk partners but is planning to implement this at the end of the summer term to prepare the children for partners in reception.