Age 5-7: Y1/2 2020 Feedback from Day 2


Teachers had changed partners weekly using random named lollysticks. Every child has a chance to talk when the class is asked a question. Partnerships and communication had improved between unexpected children who teachers thought would not get on. Pre-conceived teacher judgements of ability of personality had less of an impact so they felt things were much fairer.

Compliment slips were filled in every Friday by two teachers which had improved the sense of community in each class. Two teachers do verbal compliments to save time. Saying hello to their new partner and something they are looking forward to next week was a good ice breaker. Changing partners on Friday ready for the following week meant that children were less anxious over the weekend.

One teacher asked children to say at the end of the week how their week had been and how they could improve next week. The children who always used to say ‘I’ve had a terrible day’ are now more willing to select a positive moment to reflect on.