2022 Age 5-7: Y1/2 Feedback from Day 2


All teachers changed random talk partners weekly, either at tables or on the carpet. Children are excited on Mondays to see who their new partner will be. It has had a positive impact on peer relationships as they develop new friends. It is SEN inclusive, even though sometimes those children stay in the same seat but their partner still changes. Very supportive for EAL when 3s were sometimes useful.

Whole class talk partner success criteria had been created and one of the 4 teachers used compliment slips, although absences caused problems with this. Children sometimes write the same thing to each other but this is a developing skill.

Children are more purposeful in class. They know what is expected of them and the criteria can be used to remind them. Talk partners support children’s learning.

Having random talk partners had an immediate impact on my class, especially on the self-efficacy of the lowest 20%. They are so much more independent and confident with their learning. I couldn’t believe how quickly it made a difference.
Lauren – Robin Hood Infants