Age 7-9: Y3/4 (2/3 Grade US) 2016 Feedback from Day 3


Planning in maths: 1 idea (number bonds to 10 adding), loose ideas (use of inverse), 70+40 and explain how they know (linked ideas).  SOLO was very helpful in planning.

In English the teacher started with the features of individual texts, then joined these together then applied in a paragraph.  Finally children constructed their own texts.  Using SOLO slowed down the process, with all children understanding the vocabulary and able to use each feature on its own and in a text, leading to children choosing appropriately.


Children were given a starting point or sometimes chose to for themselves.  This gave them the confidence to move on when they felt ready.

SOLO had been used mainly in maths but teachers were now introducing it into other areas of the curriculum, resulting in children having more ownership of their learning, with adults overseeing it.

Chilli worksheets for maths, alongside the learning zones bullseye diagram had given children the chance to challenge themselves and had led to far less disruption.